Living out loud

Monday, April 26, 2010

I'm going to say one thing, and I'm going to say it quick: The world can be a messy place.  Promises dropped like a cellphone call in a tunnel.  People talking who cannot seem to hear themselves.  Airplanes flying and going an endless, strange nowhere.  Illogic ruling as if it's logic after all.

You're going to be frustrated.  I get frustrated, too.  I say to myself, Nope.  Not getting up today (and then I do).  Nope.  Not answering that call (and I say, "Hello?").  Nope, I'm not.  Nope, I won't.  And then I realize:  Well, what good does not-ing do? 

We win when we live.  We win when we say, "I triumph by living out loud in this world."

Go.  Triumph.


Becca said...

How funny that you would write this today, on a day when I felt like saying "nope" to everything.

In reality, I said "okay" and it was.

reiko rizzuto said...

Mercury retrograde, my friend. Time to wrap up lose ends, and to be confronted with what needs attention and what isn't working. Also time to take a walk and have a nice weekend rather than trying to push through. :-)

Holly said...

do you know we love you?

septembermom said...

I think Walt Whitman is applauding you right now :)

Indigo said...

Here, here. I couldn't agree more. Living loud is the only way to live. (Hugs)Indigo

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