A student of teaching

Thursday, May 27, 2010

It was hot, it was humid, it was teaching at Chanticleer in an unpredictable spring, but those 15 Agnes Irwin girls were willing and far more than able—reeling themselves backward and forward in time, willing themselves to remember. 

The thing about teaching is you never know.  You prepare your prompts, you know your own heart, you know what you want to leave behind, but you do not know what will make a student vulnerable to the process.  I never teach the same thing twice.  I have become a student of teaching. 

It is 4:22 AM, dark.  I'm about to set off for the Big Apple where I will, at too long last, meet so many of you who have sustained me here.  Until then.



Bonnie said...

Hello Beth. Have a great time in NY - hope you get to see some of the sites while there.

Teaching . . . . You could write a book on teaching. It's the research I love doing when preparing for a class. Of course, I always learn more than the student. No way could you share with them "everything" in such a short span of time.

I love walking into a class; especially if I feel I've done my homework. However, I always find a student asking a question I wasn't prepared to answer.

I love to teach, but rarely have I had the opportunity. The few times I have, I've noticed that it's best to observe what's going on in the classroom with the students each day - so many thoughts/emotions that prevent them from hearing the message.

I'm so happy for you that you've been given such a great opportunity.

Sierra said...

All of my favorite and best teachers were willing to be vulnerable in the teaching process - willing to learn; sounds like the AI girls have had such a moment with you. Have a wonderful time in the Big City.

Kelly H-Y said...

A student of teaching ... I like that. Have a wonderful time in NY!

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