Sunday, May 2, 2010

Ahem, the note begins, An official announcement:  Nothing But Ghosts was picked by the postergirlz to be a recommended read in the newest issue of readergirlz, to accompany this month's featured title, Absolutely Maybe, by Lisa Yee. 

Being chosen by the postergirlz is like coming home to a place that embraced me more than a year ago, challenged me to become the first readergirlz author in residence, and continues to bring enduring friendship into my life.  Thank you, then, to all of you, for this and more.

Elsewhere....  It is because Becca at Bookstack writes such incredibly intelligent and thorough reviews (and because her site is so gorgeous to look at) that I am so often there, learning from her.  Today I tuned in only to discover this moving review of The Heart is Not a Size.  Becca, thank you so much.


Little Willow said...

Let the sunshine in. :)

Becca said...

Happiness to you on another well deserved recognition from readergirlz :)

Crystal Fields said...

I finally received it! I'm reading it now! Yay!!! And. It. Is. Awesome. I was going to say something else, but the thought has already fled my brain.

Crystal Fields said...

Oh yeah! I meant to say, when you receive your next check from the publisher or whoever/however that works, remember a tiny piece of that is from me :) lol

Sherry said...

Well done, both postergirlz and Becca.

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