Corporate abrasions

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

I was the kind of kid who opted out of long summers by the South Carolina shore so that I could stay in muggy Philadelphia to work in a life insurance shop, mimeographing newsletters and keeping score for salesmen.  Or, if I did go to the beach, I worked the sunny days in shops with names like The Mole Hole.  At the University of Pennsylvania, I catered meals among museum mummies or checked in musty library books at Van Pelt.  At twenty-five, I started a business.  I've been serving clients since.

Some of my very best friends have emerged from the ranks of corporate America—creative people with philanthropic hearts, cure-finding people, galvanizers, idea men and women.  But this past year, as the economy has changed and pressures have mounted, as people supply has far outstripped people demand, a new mood has set in—an underlying rancor and shout, an impulsive do-it-now-though-I'll-change-my-mind-later, a you-don't-count-just-listenism that foils honest attempts to get good work done.  It's not like that everywhere, of course, but where it lives, it defeats, it rankles.

Conversation yields results, not confrontation. 


bermudaonion said...

I know that Mole Hole very well - I wonder if it's still open.

Beth F said...

I think my sector has emerged from the hard times still strong, but last year I was wondering if my business would survive.

Lilian Nattel said...

I hope it gets better, soon, Beth. People get angry when they're scared, but it doesn't help.

Wide Open Spaces said...

Oh, The Mole Hole - on LBI, Barnegat Light? Still there, still a cute little shop.

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