How are you?

Sunday, July 11, 2010

A funny thing happened when I returned from the Cayman Islands.  There was time, and it was mine.  I had work-work to do, but I got it done.  Writing projects were on hold, for the time being.  All of a sudden some windows opened, and I've looked out, and there are my friends.


I have, I think, some of the best friends in the world—thoughtful, reflective, alive with ideas and purpose, fundamentally interesting, and never overbearing.  How are you?  It's the easiest question in the world.  It can also be the most elusive.  I don't ask it nearly enough on this very blog, and so I ask it today:

How are you? 


Karen Mahoney said...

I am tired. Busy with a web project for a friend. Struggling with not one but two rifts in my family. Flat-hunting. Trying to find the time to write a book under contract.

But, for all that, I am grateful to be alive and to have wonderful friends who understand me & who give me such incredible gifts.

Thanks for asking this today, Beth. How are you?

john wycliffe said...

Enlightening post, esp if one wanted to publish a book with an editor

Liviania said...

The "Hi, how are you?" frog always brightens my day.

I'm tired because I helped my dad host a party last night.

Lilian Nattel said...

Sleepy--I still haven't recovered from the heat wave. But I've had a lovely relaxing morning. I'm so glad to hear that you came back to time.

Becca said...

I am concerned for my friends, many of whom are having a difficult time with relationships, illness, and loss.

Because I know how that all feels, and it doesn't feel good.

I'm glad you're doing well, and especially glad that you have been gifted with some time.

Florinda said...

I am recovering from my shoulder injury two weeks ago - I think I'm coming along well, but we'll see what the doctor says later this week. I'm in the midst of a busy month with some travel ahead, and I'm particularly appreciating my family these days.

I'm glad you are well and enjoying the gift of time.

Melissa Sarno said...

Very well, thank you. I believe that if I stay up long enough it prolongs the weekend. But it really just makes me far too sleepy on Monday.

How are you?

Sherry said...

Moments of joy keep coming my way. And the best part is, I keep seeing them. Thanks for asking, Beth.

And how are you?

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