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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

It was Katrina Kenison (The Gift of an Ordinary Day, Mitten Strings for God) who introduced me to Jennie Nash (The Threadbare Heart, The Only True Genius in the Family, The Last Beach Bungalow, The Victoria's Secret Catalog Never Stops Coming, Raising a Reader).  Katrina was sure that Jennie and I were like-minded souls, and Katrina (who knows many things, who can be trusted) was right.  Jennie and I became instant friends and we have remained close, though she is a west coaster and I am an east coaster, and though she has lately been writing novels for adults and I have lately been writing for young adults.  We share motherhood stories, frustration stories, breakthrough stories, and when my mother passed away, Jennie sent a gift—a purse knitted from yarn that, Jennie said, looked like the colors of the sky on the day my mother passed away. (Jennie also sent red lipstick for my first ballroom showcase number.)

When Jennie, then, sent an email today, brief as brief could be (it simply said:  Writing about you today), I clicked on the link.  It took me to The Huffington Post.  It took me to these words, from dear Jennie.

Thank you, Jennie.


Becca said...

How blessed you are to have such friend, such a supporter.

Solvang Sherrie said...

What a lovely post she wrote about you! And congratulations -- two books in one year? That's pretty spectacular.

Kris Cahill said...

Many congratulations to you, Beth. The work you do is a gift to us all, and I'm glad you are getting more acknowledgments for your beautiful words.

pink dogwood said...

I love 'Mitten Strings from God' - I have it near my bedside and I often pick it up and read a random chapter. I have never read anything by Jennie Nash - but I will get some of her books soon.

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