Dangerous Neighbors, Bookstack, and the review that filters in

Sunday, September 5, 2010

I have learned, through the years, to step lightly in the weeks following the release of a book—to not search for reviews, to not hope for big things, to let the world find me, when the world is so moved.  I live this way knowing that I risk the possibility of failing to thank a good heart who has taken the time to read my book, and if I have failed to do that, I apologize.  But I cannot otherwise find the proper emotional balance to accompany the launch of a book.

This morning I've been at work on a novel that is undergoing an enormous transformation, and for the past six hours I've done nothing but work on a primary scene.  I turned for relief, just now, to my blog roll, and there found the cover of Dangerous Neighbors staring back at me.  The blog is Bookstack, one of my very favorites, for it is authored by Becca, a woman who has brought me news of many books that (she's always right) I've loved.  Becca is also a woman who understands what is to be the mother of a son already off on adventures.

Becca's words about Dangerous Neighbors will stay with me for a long time.  I link to them here, with gratitude.


Becca said...

You are too kind.

I simply love your work (and you too!)

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