Dangerous Neighbors: The Cecelia Bedelia review

Friday, September 17, 2010

The other day, my husband was driving us along in his jalopy (well, it's not really a jalopy; it just feels that way) when I spied a circa 1920s, lemon-toned vehicle puttering up behind us.  It made me happy, this open-to-the-sky old timer—because it exists, because it was and no doubt will again be driven on a blue, blue day.

Yesterday I was doing what I do (which is to say, I don't remember exactly what) when Jenny wrote to suggest that I take a look at the Cecelia Bedelia review of Dangerous Neighbors I clicked and dialed in, and I felt blue skies above me, a breeze through my hair.  I especially treasure this well-loved reviewer's sense about who this book might work best for:

Recommended for: fans of literary fiction, spectacular young adult literature, history, tragedy, deliverance, and descriptions so well rendered that they seem tinged with the magical. 


KFP said...

descriptions so well rendered that they seem tinged with the magical.

Well put. I absolutely agree.

celi.a said...

Thank you for coming over and having a look at my review. I'm so glad I had the opportunity to read the book, and that you were blessed by my review in turn. I hope many others discover the beauty of Dangerous Neighbors.

Lilian Nattel said...

Key words: spectacular and magical. Wonderful!

Becca said...

Tinged with the magical indeed...as is everything you write!

What a perfect description.

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