A Dangerous Neighbors review and radio talk

Friday, September 24, 2010

And since I seem to be posting inspirational images today, here's one I took at the Please Touch Museum—images of the Observatory at George's Hill.  My Dangerous Neighbors heroine Katherine seeks to see the world from places high above, and towers like these figure in my story.

I post this image, this towering image, to thank the 1st Daughter for her incredibly generous review of Dangerous Neighbors and for her extraordinary words about the book during her interview with Nicole from Linus's Blanket for the Blog Talk Radio Show, "That's How I Blog!"



septembermom said...

I just read that wonderful review. Congrats on all the positive feelings for your book Beth :)

The1stdaughter said...

Thank you so much Beth! I truly appreciate not only the post, but most especially your writing. I meant every word I said and hope more and more people will pick up your books, because they are amazing!

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