Philadelphia at Night: A Portrait (and a fine Dangerous Neighbors review)

Thursday, October 28, 2010

I returned home from my afternoon at 1209 Vine to spend an hour reading the latest thoughts, impressions, and declarations of the online book discussion group that I've been leading for the Kelly Writers House at the University of Pennsylvania.  I then turned right around, hopped the train once more, and headed back to the city for the launch of Jay Kirk's first book, Kingdom Under Glass, an altogether wonderful affair conducted within the halls of the Academy of Natural Sciences.

It was near midnight when I crossed the river and looked south, toward the newly rehabilitated Main Post Office Building at 30th Street.  My city photographs well, any time of day or night.

In between the travel and the book-club talk (and, okay, true, a few corporate assignations), I received word of this gorgeous review of Dangerous Neighbors over at Alison's Book Marks, which concludes with words that any writer of non-vampire texts yearns to hear:

Different from anything I have ever read before, Beth Kephart raises the bar on Young Adult novels. She proves that you don't need vampires and werewolves to capture this audience's attention, and bring them on a journey they will not soon forget.
  Thank you, Alison.


Beth F said...

Lovely review, lovely city. I need to spend a day in the city with my camera.

Becca said...

That review says it all!

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