The Pennsylvania Gazette Feature/Dangerous Neighbors Excerpt

Friday, October 29, 2010

The University of Pennsylvania has been extraordinarily good to me—inviting me to contribute to the pages of The Pennsylvania Gazette and Peregrine; trusting me to teach a small class of brilliant undergrads; putting me at the helm of an online book group; asking me to read with Alice Elliott Dark, or to sit on panels with Buzz Bissinger, or to join David Remnick for a Kelly Writers House dinner; and to come to know, even better, the likes of fellow teachers Jay Kirk and Karen Rile. 

Earlier this summer, John Prendergast, the editor of The Pennsylvania Gazette, wrote to say that he'd read Dangerous Neighbors and that he looked forward to having a conversation.  We had that conversation on a sunny day sitting on a row of skinny benches while a tennis match played out before us.  I was my breathless, enthused, and sleep-starved self (as you'll read) and John was the thoughtful man he is.  Several weeks later, the photographer Chris Crisman and his team met me at Memorial Hall and put up with me long enough to take my picture.

It is a generous story, accompanied by one of my favorite scenes from the book.  It will always be cherished.  And Chris, thanks for pulling your camera lens back.  You know what that means to me.


Susan Taylor Brown said...

I love that your university is supporting you and your beautiful book so much. Fabulous picture of you. And it's great that they are offering up an excerpt to entice more readers.

I wish I could be half as productive (and witty) as you on little sleep. :)

She Writes said...

Beth, I am glad to hear it! You are a beautiful writer. Now over to see the link!

Anna Lefler said...

What a fantastic article! LOVE it. I'm so happy for you and even happier to know that all those newspaper readers will be introduced to you!

Cheers and congrats!



Al Filreis said...

Sometimes the Red & Blue simply knows talent and grace and generosity of spirit when it/they see it. We're all just pleased that you are connected to us in some many ways!

Lilian Nattel said...

This is wonderful, Beth. And I'm sure that you're as good to the university as they are to you.

Melissa Walker said...

Amazing story. And the photo really shines. xx

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