You Are My Only: There, breathing

Monday, October 25, 2010

Sometimes the only way to finish writing a book is to read a book you haven't written, and this weekend I distanced myself from You Are My Only by reading By Nightfall, the new Michael Cunningham novel.  Between reading, I went off to Skippack.  I took a walk.  I took my big camera out and found my way to the back side of an old cottage at the Willows, where I discovered this tank, its clock forever corroded by time.

It was, all of it, a restoration.  I returned to my own novel in the middle of last night and read it through once more, adding, subtracting, but not by much. 

It is there.  It is whole now.  I can breathe.


Amy said...


Lilian Nattel said...

Wonderful! And a beautiful image.

Caroline Starr Rose said...

Congratulations! And so looking forward to opening my copy of DANGEROUS NEIGHBORS.

Sherry said...

Can only imagine the wonderful feeling. Happy breathing today, Beth.

Albright58 said...

I recently saw the Philadelphia Inquirer review of "Dangerous Neighbors" and immediately searched for it in the Kindle Store.

Being an ardent Kindle fan (we have several in our family) who is fascinated by Philadelphia history, I was sure I had found my next book to read on my kindle - but I was wrong! None of Ms. Kephart books are in the kindle format to my extreme disappointment. Please consider making "Dangerous Neighbors" and your other books available on the Kindle!

Beth Kephart said...

Thanks to all of you and a note to Albright58. It is my great hope to get my books on Kindle—a decision the author does not often make. But the question has been asked (others have urged this as well) and I will keep my fingers crossed. I am so sorry for the inconvenience, I really am.

Erin said...

something about that photograph really hits me.

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