Because of them, the world is brighter

Friday, December 17, 2010

Today at T/E Middle School, we thought about the way the world sees us—about what, for example, a cloud floating above might conclude about our mood, about how the changing bloom on a rose would perceive the changing face of a young woman, about how a wind might gather its words to comment on the poor soul caught in its maelstrom.  We read from Louise Gluck and Mary Oliver; we asked whether it was possible (Rilke claims it is not) for young hearts to love knowingly or fully.

It was a truly perfect end to the week, and for the well-preparedness and graciousness of these students, for their willingness to imagine and their courage in presenting their work and ideas, I have Wendy Towle, Marguerite Gordon, and teachers Ms. Nagle and Mr. Boukalik to thank. The world is looking brighter and brighter, the more time I spend with kids.


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