In which I appreciate the early enthusiasm for YAMO

Thursday, January 27, 2011

I have been anticipating the release of YOU ARE MY ONLY for what seems like a very long time (only because I was writing and rewriting the book for what felt like a long but deeply wonderful time).  But I did not anticipate having two of my favorite bloggers take such early notice of it.  Has anyone figured out how to send hugs long distance, yet?

For being there for me, and for my books, I am today thanking 1st Daughter at There's a Book and Amy, at My Friend Amy.  I would love to have you both to a party of cherished readers someday.

Oh, and may I just add a note of appreciation here for my dear cousin (we are going to call ourselves cousin, even if some second something is involved) Kelsey Coons for letting me know about There's a Book?  If you saw or met Kelsey, you'd want to claim first-blood relation status, too.


The1stdaughter said... are too kind! I'm just so excited for the book and for you, that I can hardly contain it. Thank you so much for the kind words and comments. I only hope the post will reach out to others and help them discover the beauty in your writing. *Happy Day!*

Amy said...

How could we be anything but excited? ;)

The1stdaughter said...

PS...Thank you to Kelsey as well! I'm not sure we've ever had the pleasure of chatting, but thank you so much for sending Beth my way! :o)

{{Hugs}} gladly accepted!

Kelsey C said...

Sure thing, 1stdaughter! @EgmontUSA shared your link on twitter, all I did was pass it along. Ah, blogosphere-socialnetworking-goodness :)

Also, Beth, biglove.

Lilian Nattel said...

That's wonderful, Beth.

Florinda said...

Just for the record, Amy and Danielle are not the only ones eagerly awaiting your next :-). The synopsis posted on There's a Book makes me think it'll strike a particular chord with me.

Anna Lefler said...

Wonderful! I just visited There's a Book - another cool blog to explore now...

Congrats on the Internet love - you deserve it so!



Beth F said...

You know I'm happy about every bit of your well-deserved success and recognition.

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