Saturday, January 15, 2011

Your temporary madness, Kate would call it.  Your solitary confinement.  Becca lived, and then she wrote it down.  She listened for music inside silence.  She had made a commitment to the unalloyed, the unveering line, the raw wound, the relentless grab at authenticity, and now she was two poems away from a new collection.  “I’m calling it Heart Blue,” she’d told Vin, a few nights before.  “Or that’s what it will be, when it’s finished.” 


Holly said...

ahhh now we understand.

Becca said...

"She listened for music inside the silence." Love that - you do that, Beth, and then we all get to listen :)

Anna Lefler said...

Oooh, oooh!

I can't wait for more, Beth. I know you are savoring the fever you are in right now and that makes me happy.

Thanks for sharing this with us!



Lilian Nattel said...

You're so brave to post your w.i.p--awesome.

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