Dangerous Neighbors: The Library Media Connection Review

Monday, March 7, 2011

I had just boarded the train for the Philadelphia Flower Show when Greg Ferguson of Egmont USA sent along word of a most gracious Library Media Connection Review of Dangerous Neighbors.  Humbled, I share it with you:
This historical fiction takes place during the 1876 Philadelphia World’s Fair. Anna’s accidental demise leaves her twin sister Katherine recalling the time they spent together and how they have recently grown apart. Katherine decides that she just join her sister in death and plans to jump off an exhibition building at the World’s Fair. But as she prepares herself, her sister’s lover finds her, desperate to share something with her. Katherine won’t listen and escapes before he can share his news. She vows to carry out her thwarted suicide plan another day. However, Katherine is forever changed by the events that are set in motion by her choices. While the story is compelling enough for readers who enjoy historical fiction, this books’ excellence lies in the subtle descriptions nestled in Kephart’s writing. It is a book beautifully done, the complex human emotions of heartbreak and hope exquisitely intertwined. 


Unknown said...

What a great review! And I love your accompanying photograph. ;)

Unknown said...

Wow...Terrific photograph of Philadelphia Flower,i like your article story its amazing.Thanks for sharing information.

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