I wanted proof of winter's thaw

Monday, March 21, 2011

I hiked and I found this.


Unknown said...

great pic. i miss spring. great post.

I woke up Sunday a.m. to find my blog, my 500 plus followers, my 100plus author interviews, and my 200 plus reviews gone. Blogger gave no explanation, but I think the account was hacked. Change your password often!

I have reloaded the interviews and reviews, plus redesigned the blog. But if you could, please hit the "follow" button so I can reclaim the fellow bloggers I miss. I'm still following you, as my account remained--thank goodness!

Thank you!
Kelly Moran

Anna Lefler said...

Oh, this is gorgeous - and exactly what I needed to see right now.



Lilian Nattel said...

It's wonderful to see spring on the way.

Kelly H-Y said...

So nice to see, isn't it?

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