A YA Special Collection, second, perhaps, to none

Friday, March 18, 2011

Not long ago, I received a request from Joan Kaywell, who (in addition to being a professor of English Education at the University of South Florida, an award-winning author, the ALAN Membership Secretary, and the 2010-11 Senior Executive Director of FCTE) founded the Ted Hipple Special Collection of Autographed Young Adult Literature, a collection of what is now nearly 2,000 YA autographed books housed at Joan's university.  " Ideally," Joan wrote, "we’re collecting the manuscript, the ARC, the first edition, and subsequent paperbacks—ALL AUTOGRAPHED—of each author’s works so interested individuals can see the life of a book."  
The special collection, says Joan, was officially dedicated on May 23, 2007, and honors a man who was the founding member of the Assembly on Literature for Adolescents (ALAN), an organization that is now the largest assembly affiliated with the National Council of Teachers of English (NCTE) with both a national and international reputation. I, in turn, am honored to now have some of my books (both in galley form and in published form) winging their way to the collection. 

I urge you to find out more about Ted Hipple, Joan Kaywell, and this remarkable collection—which includes handwritten manuscripts, galley mark ups, and rare first printings—by visiting this web site


Florinda said...

I like the idea of this collection, and love that your books will be part of it. I'm also pleased to feel a small connection to it, as the University of South Florida is my alma mater. Thank you for sharing this, and congratulations!

Lilian Nattel said...

Congratulations on being a part of that collection, Beth. So deserved.

Liviania said...

That sounds amazing. I wish my university was doing something similar.

The1stdaughter said...

Wow! That's incredible! I'd love to be able to visit that some day. So neat. Congratulations!

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