How Philly Moves: this is my city, dancing

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Tonight marks the opening of the Philadelphia International Festival of the Arts, and as part of that celebration, a 45-foot digital projection mural will animate the face of the Kimmel Center over the course of the next few weeks.  From the Philadelphia Mural Arts Program notice that just appeared in my in-box:

This constantly changing mural, created by photographer JJ Tiziou in collaboration with PIFA and Mural Arts, will showcase photos and video of 174 dancing Philadelphians—including 26 who will also be featured in Mural Arts' 50,000-square-foot How Philly Moves mural currently being installed at Philadelphia International Airport.

I have dreams of someday writing a book that sells, really sells.  If that happens, I will buy a small apartment in the heart of my city and live closer to the pulse of its renaissance, closer to people who dream this big and see these sorts of ideals through.  For now I'm just sending this out to you—proof that the nation's fifth largest city has a whole lot of good going on.


Unknown said...

WHat a brilliant idea! I can imagine mural is going to look amazing.

You'll have your pick of apartments...sooner rather then later is my guess.

(I'm excited to see your new book cover on your sidebar...woohoo!)

Lilian Nattel said...

I hope your dreams come true, Beth, though I think you've achieved so much success already.

Anna Lefler said...

My only edit to this post would be to change "if that happens..." to "WHEN that happens." :-)

When you buy your swinging new urban pad, I will bring pizza.

And ice cream.




Liviania said...

I miss living in an urban apartment.

As is, I'm glad I'm getting back to Fort Worth in time for the Main Street Arts Festival. (And tomorrow I'm going to the Minot Craft Fair! Not urban at all, but I adore craft fairs.)

As is, I'm sure one of your books will hit in big.

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