Dine In, Help Out: Philadelphians Taking a Stand Against Hunger

Sunday, May 1, 2011

May has been decreed Dine In, Help Out month in my wonderful city—a time when we gather friends around us, in our own homes, and donate whatever we might have spent at a restaurant to a program devoted to bringing affordable, healthy, farm-fresh food into North Philadelphia homes.  The innovative St. Christopher's Foundation for Children has organized the drive, and it has the remarkable support of Iron Chef Jose Garces, not to mention NBC 10’s Dennis Bianchi, Philadelphia Media Network's Greg Osberg, and Montgomery McCracken’s Steve Madva.

My own dinner is slated for six days from now, and I've invited two long-time clients and their beautiful ladies to my house.  That takes guts, as you can imagine, for a modest-living woman such as myself—no grand chef, no proven hostess, and far better with words than I am with soup spoons.

But I'm doing this, nonetheless, and I encourage you to consider throwing a dinner yourself.  Check out the web site linked above.  You'll find recipes, invitations, ideas, and facts that will both inspire and motivate.


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