Elizabeth Hand is Coming to Town

Thursday, May 5, 2011

and that means I'll actually get to meet—live and in person—this writer with whom I've had such a wonderful, honest, intelligent virtual conversation since I first read Illyria last August.  My thanks to Colleen Mondor, who raved about Liz's immaculate sentences to begin with and opened Liz's world to mine.

Liz travels far and wide, both physically and in her own imagination, and she's coming to Philadelphia as a keynoter.  I'm thinking I'll take this colorful lady to Chanticleer, pictured above, if she'll let me.

How colorful is Liz Hand, you wonder? Well, consider this.  She's giving her talk for the Philadelphia Science Fiction Society. Her topic? Norwegian Black Metal music. With brilliant friends like this, I defy anyone to call me boring or, say, stuffy.



Colleen said...

Wow - the convergence of two of my fav literary people is enough to make my head explode! Have big fun!!!

Beth F said...

Who knew there *was* such a thing as Norwegian black metal music!

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