The Ladies of the Gym

Monday, May 16, 2011

Her name is Joy, and, oh baby, does she earn it. Steps right in beside me at Brenda's Zumba class and works that floor (works it, works it). It would be preposterous to guess her age (there are grandchildren involved and perhaps great-grandchildren), but she's got all the glamour of a movie star and a running stream of Joan Rivers humor, though Joy is elegant, perpetually, in her witticisms delivery.

I've written of her here before. Written of Sarah, Betsy, Julia, of Brenda and (on other mornings) my remarkable teacher, Andrea. They are my gym friends, my smack-the-air-down-with-me babes, my little bit of lift when I need lift, my salsa sweethearts, and I saw them today because I returned to Monday Zumba after a few too many weeks of worrying about the state of this house, this garden.

I belong here, I thought, when I was dancing with them. I belong beside Sarah, a former model, mind you, a knock out, who doesn't care one bit how her hair is flying or whether or not she's singing along in tune (though she is in tune, I swear it:  whooo hoooo). I belong beside Betsy (the beauty queen from my high school and still so gorgeous, a woman with whom time has not interfered and a woman who still, after all these years, seems unaware of her own beauty) and I belong beside Joy, who basically split my ribs before I even started dancing with some story she was telling. I am far from the beauty these women are, but they have let me in, and I am standing proud beside them.

You want to know who I actually am? You come find me at the club. Being crazy and doing silly with the ladies of the gym.


Lilian Nattel said...

Yes you are beautiful and you belong with them.

Becca said...

I miss having that kind of camraderie, the ease that allows you to be silly and free and exuberant. We all need that, and how lucky you are to begin you day with it!

Melissa Sarno said...

Yay for the beautiful ladies at the gym! I like that photo. She seems like such a vibrant person and I like her colors (Everyone here in NYC wears grey and black...but I am guilty of it too...)

Patricia said...

Beth, you have such a way of speaking for us all, allowing us to come right into whatever group and setting you are in, and experience it right along with you! Thanks for the reminder of how much people, just being themselves, bless our lives! Thanks!

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