My video conversation with blogger Florinda

Friday, May 27, 2011

I'm off to teach at Agnes Irwin today, while back in New York City, the book bloggers have gathered in force. A few days ago, as those of you who followed the Armchair BEA know, I had the chance to talk to Florinda while Elizabeth Law of Egmont USA videotaped our conversation. I re-post the video here, in celebration of the book bloggers I have come to know and love.


Anonymous said...

Just watched this on the ArmChair BEA site and wanted to let you know, way to turn the tables, lol! I LOVED that you interviewed Florinda. Thanks for sharing. Enjoy your Friday and weekend (rest those feets you two)

Richard Gilbert said...

I loved these interviews. BEA is such a trip. I have staffed several for Indiana University Press and Ohio University Press. Always exhilarating.

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