When Blogger Went Silent: A Reappraisal in the Aftermath

Sunday, May 15, 2011

A few days ago, as most everyone knows, Blogger went down for the count. Some posts were lost. Some comments vanished. And for what seemed like two days but might have been slightly less, Blogger users such as moi were banned from uploading new posts.

A quiet descended.

Call me strange (you won't be the first), but I suspect that the enforced stillness of the technical breakdown subtly changed the relationship many of us have with our blogs. Barred from access, we walked away. We were not, for that instant in time, chroniclers, newsmakers, heralders, opinion-istas. What we thought, we simply thought (or telegraphed in brief on Facebook or Twitter).

When Blogger repaired its many woes and let us bloggers back on line, I had the sensation I would sometimes get as a toweled-off child standing by the frothy shore.  The waters seemed suddenly more brisk and more deep.  I'd have to take a running plunge to feel that warmth and float again.

What is it, again, you were blogging about? I asked myself. What had you come to say? Who did you suppose was listening, after all? And how well have you been listening to others?

I've returned, obviously. I'm back, but I'm reassessing. What it is that I am doing here. What I want my own blog history to be.  


Lilian Nattel said...

It's good to reassess--part of getting back to values, isn't it?

The1stdaughter said...

Absolutely rethinking. Even though my site wasn't part of the "outage" (wordpress), I still stayed off for a bit. Hardly any of the sites I visit regularly were available and in a way it was nice to have time to download. I'm definitely rethinking things and what I want to continue to do with my site.

kristen spina said...

Every now and again I have this same conversation with myself. I think I'm still searching for the right answer. I'll be curious to see where it leads you... I've always loved your formula.

Becca said...

I love what you do with your blog - the way you take us inside your thoughts about reading and writing and the world.

I hope you don't reassess it TOO much :)

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