Dana Spiotta. Stone Arabia. (Read it.)

Friday, July 8, 2011

Back on May 21st I made the audacious announcement that I had just read the book of the year, which is to say that I'd just finished Stone Arabia by Dana Spiotta.  Audacious because I'd already been singing some pretty sweet blog tunes about many a fine read this year.  Audacious because I've not yet read the forthcoming Ondaatje or Otsuka, or, indeed, the entire fall line-up.  Audacious because, well, who am I, anyway?

But if one must stand on a cliff, why not stand on Stone Arabia?  This brother-sister story is original, foundational, heartbreakingly sad and heartbreakingly funny, and I don't need to repeat myself, because I called it back in May.

But, hey.  It's nice to have some company in that assessment, and so I give you here Kate Christensen's words, published today, on behalf of the New York Times Book Review.  Christensen calls Stone Arabia "a work of visceral honesty and real beauty."  See what else she has to say.

And if you want to know what big question lies at the heart of this novel, listen to Dana herself, live from YouTube.


Becca said...

There's a spot in that video interview where she says "That's why you need siblings...to help you remember your life."

Wow. That struck this only child to the quick.

Am going to order the book right now.

rohit said...

An enjoyable read Stone Arabia by Dana Spiotta. loved the way you wrote it. I find your review very genuine and original, this book is going in by "to read" list

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