Elluminating with Joan Kaywell and her doctorate/master's students

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Tomorrow evening I'll be here at my desk, but not precisely here at my desk, as I interact with the doctoral and master's students of Joan Kaywell's University of South Florida class by way of camera eye, microphone, and Elluminate software.  Joan tells me that Elluminate is like Skype on steroids.  She tells me, too, that I don't need to prepare for a thing—that the class has read Dangerous Neighbors and is ready to talk.  Joan probably doesn't know that I hyper-prepare for everything.  Perhaps I'll clean my office, then, in high anticipation.

I'm eager to take this foray into long-distance guesting.  Even if (as some of you know) I am less than techno-savvy.


Florinda said...

I've never used Elluminate (I've only Skyped twice), but I graduated from the University of South Florida and I'm pleased that they'll be part of your virtual classroom visit :-).

Melissa Sarno said...

That's so kewl. Good luck!

Soldi said...

And, as the microphone challenged one in the classroom, I want to say- "You rock!"

Bridget Mahoney said...

Loved our conversation this evening! Thanks again for spending some time with us.

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