Every time I start writing a book

Monday, July 4, 2011

it's as if I've never written one before.  I forget how hard the early days are.  I do too much research, overcrowd my head, rush toward those bits of plot I know, leave too little room for language.

Then I remember what it is to take it slow.  To back it up.  To make the story, line by line.  To allow an afternoon to pass without writing a single word.  It's all right, I remember, to sit here dreaming.  It's fine—in fact, it is essential—to write what I won't use to discover what I will. 

Will the game of pitch and toss stay?

I don't know. 

Will Molly return the penny? 

It might not matter, after all.

Except that it all matters.  It's process. 


aquafortis said...

Every project seems to present unique challenges, too...I always have to remind myself that that's not only normal but probably a good thing!

Kelly H-Y said...

It's wonderfully comforting and encouraging to hear a many-times published, celebrated author such as yourself say this! :-)

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