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Thursday, August 4, 2011

The days, oh—they have been something.  Yesterday, for example, began at 3 AM and ended at 11 PM, and included work on a bit of promotional poetry, a stint of science writing, a sudden and intense advertising copy session, a design review of a new think paper, and some finalizing touches on a complex technical magazine story for my Singapore client/friends. 

My hummingbird came near and stayed.

Miss M., my young and so talented dancing friend, sent a note I'll never forget.

My son invited me to dance with him.

I talked to a friend.

I think of all I did not do—the people I failed, the blogs I didn't visit, the messages I still owe, the questions I've not answered, the research I didn't do, the books I neither advanced nor read.

I am, I am afraid, perpetually begging forgiveness.


Becca said...

It's so hard to accept that we've ever done enough in a day, a year, a life.

I always stand in awe when you write about your days and all that you accomplish. There should be no need to beg forgiveness.

Q said...

What Becca said. And go get some sleep!

KFP said...

I feel the same way. Can I ask forgiveness on your blog? I can't even get to my blog.

Mandy said...

Sheww, with a day like that, we should all be thanking you! Hope today is a bit less hectic (though your descriptions made it sound like fun).

Melissa Sarno said...

You are a workhorse, Beth. Instead of feeling guilty, I hope you will take a nap in the sun. Swim in something other than work. Eat an ice cream cone on a park bench. It is summer after all.

Kelly H-Y said...

I'm always thinking that as well ... but, oh my ... think of all the things you did accomplish in that day ... and all your wonderful experiences (dancing with your son, the note from a sweet friend)!

Lilian Nattel said...

Quite the day. I can't imagine how you had the energy! Beautiful photo.

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