Fusion Communications: where the end is not the end

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Several months ago, a change in one of my key corporate accounts left me wondering just what my future would be.  It was a rocky few days, and I had a choice—to succumb to panic or to choose to believe in myself. 

Surprising things happened because I believed.  Determined and maybe a tad feisty, I worked with my design partner (who is also my husband) on a new web presence, then sent out a few notes here and there.  Within weeks (it seemed quite sudden)—in one of the hottest summers on record, in one of the most uncertain economic times I can remember—new work roared in. Former clients returning with new dreams.  Existing clients seeking new vehicles.  Absolutely-new clients with large-scale projects that demand, of their writer, a love for history and a passion for interviewing true experts. Re-branding projects. Book projects. Think papers. Employee magazines. Client publications.  The chance to sell our photographs. It all presented itself to our boutique marketing company, Fusion Communications, and we at Fusion turned toward it.

What had seemed like a threat in the end set us free, and this, I think, is the way of things, my reason for this post.  Endings are only purely endings if we allow them to be.  Choose, if you can, to see that seeming-end as the space ahead of the new, quite better next thing.


Melissa Sarno said...

Feisty indeed. This is all excellent news and I'm happy for you. Striving to always be ready for the 'new, quite better next thing'.

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