Alyson Hagy Wins The 2011 Devil's Kitchen Award

Friday, September 2, 2011

When I think of Alyson Hagy (and I often think of Alyson, for she is one my most cherished friends in this literary world, and has been for years) I think of weather and bird calls, horses and tennis, a big, wide generous heart.  I think of Wyoming, where she now lives, and the University of Wyoming, where she has helped to create one of the best lit departments in the country. (I'd give anything to live closer to Alyson, not just to be taught by her but to participate in the programs she assembles for the whole town.)  I also think of her extraordinary work, which I have written about on this blog from time to time.

Most recently I wrote about Ghosts of Wyoming (Graywolf), her collection of short stories, which was hailed by critics across the country.  I loved it, too, of course I did, and you can find my brief blog posting here.

All of which is prefatory to this fabulous bit of news:  Alyson Hagy has won the 2011 Devil's Kitchen Award in Prose for Ghosts and will be participating in the Devil's Kitchen Fall Literary Festival at Southern Illinois University Carbondale.  Anyone close enough to go should really try to meet her.

Or buy her book.  It will astound you.  (She's got a new novel due out soon.  You'll read about that one here, I can assure you.)


Beth F said...

Could there be a stronger recommendation?

Anna Lefler said...

Congratulations to Alyson...and I LOVE this photograph!


~ A.

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