Dancing for Life: The Logan Schweiter Fundraiser at Club La Maison

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Back on July 25th, long before Storms Irene and Lee had shown us their wrath, my hometown was being saturated by torrential rains.  Down the way, not far from where I live, three friends ventured out to a creek with pool rafts in hand.  They could have never known that a creek normally just a few inches deep would swell to more than ten feet. They could have never guessed that one among them, Logan Schweiter, a 12-year old lacrosse player, would be swept away and down, through underground culverts.

It is estimated that Logan was underground and in the swell of water for a 200-yard stretch until his body was swept into a tree.  A neighbor, a doctor, rescued Logan with the help of a local firefighter and EMT team.  But much damage had already been done, and today Logan remains hospitalized, his life, and his family's life, dramatically rearranged.

Tomorrow, Club La Maison, a place I travel to as much for the fun I have with the ladies of Zumba, Night Club Cardio, and Body Combat as for the work-out I so desperately need, is conducting a fundraiser on behalf of the NTAF Mid-Atlantic Brain Injury Fund in honor of Logan Schweiter.  "Together we can help," reads the slogan, and in addition to a massive silent auction (offering everything from horseback riding lessons to a night stay at any Marriott to private tennis lessons and personal training sessions and interior design services) and a host of special events, the club's own Andrea and Brenda will be conducting back-to-back Zumba and Night Club Cardio events that you can join in on for a minimum $10 donation each, starting at 5 PM.  Andrea and Brenda are gifted, fun, dear leaders—perennially building new choreography and inventing new dances to keep us ladies fit and fancy.  In fact, that's Brenda up above, kicking off her new Night Club Cardio program this past Thursday—an inaugural session which had us all flashing our bulbous, neon rings, swinging peace wear, and drinking our skinny water margaritas (thank you, Brenda!) while the disco lights flared and a lit-up Michael Jackson glove showed us the way.

Join us, if you can.  Make a difference for this boy and for others who are not nearly as lucky as are we.


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