Generocity: Philanthropy Made Easy

Tuesday, September 6, 2011 is a rather unusual—and beautiful—undertaking, the brainchild of Sandra Baldino. It is, in her words, a "one-stop-shop for all of you folks out there who just give a damn." A place where stories about good people doing good works will get told.  A place where people who want to give can be helped toward that giving.  A place that reshapes and reinvigorates the idea of corporate citizenship, particularly in the Philadelphia region. 

I contributed a story about my river—that Schuylkill—and those who continue to rescue her in today's edition.  Perhaps you'll stop and take a look.  But mostly I hope that you will check this brand-new organization out for yourself.  Generocity is making difference-making easy.  I kind of like the sound of that.


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