Thank you, Country Day School of the Sacred Heart

Friday, September 23, 2011

It is always a great privilege to spend time among students and teachers, and today I stood among these beautiful ladies in their cardinal red blazers to talk about Dangerous Neighbors, its prequel, and the making of books.  Following a presentation of Centennial images and illustrations, I met individually with each class to go deeper, to think harder.  There were questions about titles, covers, favorite characters, fires.  Questions about writer's block and process.  Conversations about twinship and sisterhood. 

This beautiful day was arranged for me by Kerri Schuster, the school's Head of English (who is pictured here, at the podium).  Thank you, Kerri, and thanks to all the girls for your thoughtfulness, honesty, and spontaneity.  It was a pleasure.  I'm going to wear my Country Day sweatshirt (gorgeous) in style.

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