When people you love become part of your books

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Early readers of You Are My Only encounter, in the final pages, a young, astute, and beautiful young woman who will become integral to Sophie's healing.  Her name is Miss Mandy.  She epitomizes all that is good, all that is future.

The real Miss Mandy walked into my life a few years ago; she's here to stay. Today she sits to the right of these words.  She is, you will have to agree with me, gorgeous.

I've been waiting to share Miss Mandy's new blog with you.  Today is the day that I unveil it.  On a Southern Breeze reports on her adventures in Australia—the birds, the chemists, the calories, the blooming things.  It tells us all about this fine reader of both life and books.  It reminds us of what happens when a young couple leaves the familiar haven of Colorado to live on the opposite side of the world. 

Please visit Miss Mandy.  She has stories to tell.  She has heart.


Mandy said...

Thanks for the shout out, Beth! You always know how to make me smile. :)

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