he wrote 80 pages a day

Saturday, October 8, 2011

That's what it says right here, in Joan Acocella's New Yorker profile on Georges Simenon, a writer of crime novels, an inveterate womanizer.  Look for yourself.

Every morning, he sat down and completed his self-assigned daily quota of eighty typewritten pages. Then he would vomit, from the tension, and spend the rest of the afternoon relaxing.

I'm going to go to Body Combat now.  And I am going to think not about writing 80 pages a day—impossible!—but about how to start doing so many book things newly.  It's time.


Lilian Nattel said...

How could someone physically type 80 pages a day? No wonder he threw up!

Anna Lefler said...

When did he have time to womanize? Did he take Sundays off or something?

;-) A.

Melissa said...

I had the same thought as Anna ... was he womanizing WHILE WRITING those 80 pages a day? Did he use the 80 pages as a way to entice the women? ("Hey, baby, lemme show you how fast I can pound those keys ....")

My word verif is "dings." That strikes me as amusing, in connection with this post.

Mandy said...

The vomiting writer...and the peas. Your photo selection never ceases to delight me. :)

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