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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

I have about a half hour of typing in me each day before the arm goes numb (except for the last finger, which simply hurts like heck).  But I have ten daily hours, at least, of corporate work (yesterday was 14) and sometimes I write blog posts, and sometimes (though less so these days) emails, and every now and then I write a sentence or two of a novel.  I go around saying ouch ouch ouch ouch.  I'm just an old creak.  That's what I am.

What I would really like to do is sit back and read the work of others.  Just, like, sit here and read.  Monday evening, ahead of an event downtown, I slipped inside the cozy sleeve of a bookstore and swooned.  Oh, there they were, be still my heart—all those books that I have been craving (real books, real paper).  The Charles Frazier.  The Alexandra Fuller.  The Erin Morgenstern.  The Diana Abu Jaber.  The Chad Harbach.  I came home with the Harbach, only because the new Michael Ondaatje wouldn't be released until the next day.  (They had it in the store, I know they did, but the crafty lady at the front desk made like they didn't.)  

Oh, I want to read.  Oh, what writer doesn't.  Oh, yes.  My life is blessed.  But.  I just really want to sit and read.  I want to use this blog to celebrate the work of others.  I want to get the balance right.

Let me close by celebrating Miss Sarah Laurence, a multiply talented writer, critic, painter, photographer (and mom) who, despite being in the middle of writing a few books herself, took the time to read You Are My Only and to write so intelligently about it.  I won't hijack any of her words.  I'll just send you here.  Talk about balance, Sarah.  It's just so perfect.

Thank you.


Karen Harrington said...

I am waiting for the mailman to bring me the new Charles Frazier and Michael Ondaatje. I may tackle him on the way up the walk! Glad you treated yourself to a time for reading!

Melissa Sarno said...

Beth, I just wrote about this on my blog. Yesterday. For serious. I did. I just want to READ. Yes, yes. Can we go to a secret place together and read? I'll be very quiet. I promise.

I'm sorry you are creaky :(

Sarah Laurence said...

I’m worried about your chronic pain. That’s sounds more like tendonitis than aging, but I’m no expert. Do see your doctor. I love Ondaatje’s writing too…if only I had more time to read. Thanks so much for your words of praise and the link; YAMO was a pleasure to read.

Katrina said...

Oh Beth, So now I'm a little more up to date -- and thinking, please, take the memo from your body and do what your heart is asking: READ. Take a break from the work, a well deserved sick leave. Put yourself on the Disabled List and make tea and read good books, which truly is another way to serve. I can't wait for the Michael O; "The Cat's Table" excerpt in the New Yorker was maybe my favorite piece of fiction this year.

Lilian Nattel said...

I agree--give your body a break before it makes you. My heart aches for you--take that time to read. Have you considered speech to text? It takes some training but I've heard it can work well.

Mandy said...

If you do get a few stolen minutes, hours to read, let us know what you're enjoying. (I've got my eye on the Ondaatje book, too...)

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