A treasured treasure hunter: Serena Agusto-Cox

Friday, October 14, 2011

I come up with crazy schemes. Some might call them complicated, which is not nearly as nice a word as complex.  In recent weeks I developed this You Are My Only treasure hunt scheme.  To make it work, I needed the help of other bloggers, who might roost my words in their nests.  To make it work, I also needed people who might take the time and follow along.  Take the time.  That's enormous.

Serena Agusto-Cox of the (very) Savvyverseandwit fame has been on it from the start.  Finding my guest posts.  Sharing them with the world.  Encouraging me.  And, today, posting this most generous give-forward on her own intelligent, insightful, cutting-edge blog.

I honestly do not know what to say, except, Serena, thank you.

To the rest of you, the hunt is still on.  There are multiple prizes.  I have been very blessed


Serena said...

You are very welcome. And I really cannot wait to share your book with others through the giveaway.

I did have a secret to finding all the posts -- google alerts are my friends! :)

I'm looking forward to see who wins the prizes, especially the critique (which I covet -- though not even sure which project I would submit)

I wish everyone good luck in the hunt, but they can come by and check out the list and make it easier on themselves...and enter to win a book too!

Thanks for continuing to share your writing with us daily on the blog and in your fabulous books.

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