weekend self-portrait

Monday, October 3, 2011

We spent sixteen hours driving this weekend, as we picked our son up from college, brought him home, chilled for a together day, then returned him to the world of media campaigns, student-run TV, international politics, Middle Eastern studies; we staggered up our steps around 1 PM. 

For the record, my husband was driving when I took this shot.  I'm not that kind of camera crazy.  For the record, too, just after I snapped this shot, we entered a downpour of end-of-the-world proportions. We have driven these roads now, countless times.  Entered into these endless mountains, and accepted the fate of their weather.

I am grateful for every hour that I am honored to spend with my son.


Becca said...

Those little oases of time are a blessing. They refresh the heart. Hope the feeling lingers until you see him again.

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