Christmas in London, then home

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

We went from place to place, as fast as we could.  We loved our time with family.  I stopped for no scene, calibrated nothing, just lifted my camera above the crowds and shot, trying to freeze the color.  At the British Museum, on the last day, we stopped and paused and stood.  On the flight home I studied the skies and feared that all the color would be lost, remembered the state of the house as we had left it — Christmas packages high in one corner, but not a light, not the smell of pine, no Santa or ornament or bell.

My sister, though, had thought ahead for me.  There was a package by the door, tall and skinny.  There was a tree inside, lights, wooden ornaments.  There was, in other words, Christmas.  I set to work and there it stands—by the window where I work, subverting gray weather.


Janice Kephart said...

Awww... I love your pictures from London. Where is the carousel/ice skating rink? I couldn't place it. If only you could have paused to ice skate in London at Christmas, blowing all those lovely Brits away with all the talent I know you still have for the ice! They would have had a little more wonder on a gloomy London day.
So glad the timing of the tree delivery worked out. :) That was the plan! xo Janice

bermudaonion said...

What a lovely sister! We just got our tree in the house last night but it doesn't have a single ornament on it yet.

Karen Mahoney said...

How I would have loved to see you! But such a flying visit... Your photos are beautiful.



patti.mallett_pp said...

Dear Beth, with the mention of skating, I must discuss your book "Undercover." It is where I first met you, and then, of course, had to read more of your writing, and then, of course, had to mention you (frequently) to my brilliant, exceedingly, well-read friend who then ordered her own stack of Beth Books. "Undercover" was her first step into the world of contemporary YA and she loved the word-play. That copy was mine and she has returned it because I want to read it again, for the third time, but she plans to borrow it again and do some type of word study with it. (I have been meaning to share this with you.) PS- She worked with troubled youths for many years, then was a principal for several years. She is now retired and studying to be a Children's Librarian. (I do believe "Undercover" had something to do with her switch to "Children's.") How cool is that?

Thanks for sharing these most beautiful photos of your whirlwind trip. I'm happy, with you, for the touch of Christmas you found on your doorstep, upon arriving home. (Aren't sisters the best?)

Serena said...

What a lovely present from your sister. Some bright color to inspire your words. I love those photos...I have a real tree for the first time since I can remember and we did it for the little one, but secretly, I wanted it for me! We have to put lights on it yet after having it settle for a couple days. I hope we have time to decorate it this weekend, though the hubby will likely be working OT again so it may just be me and the baby decorating.

Priya said...

These are lovely pictures! Glad you had a good time.

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