Lilian Nattel's Web of Angels Arrives

Monday, January 30, 2012

Whenever I see a sewing machine, I take a picture for my dear friend, Lilian Nattel, a Canadian author and blogger who delights me with her wide-ranging world view, astute critical mind, and literary talents.  She makes things, this Lilian.  Seams stories together and fabrics, too.  Lives the broad, bright life. 

I've been saving this photograph, then, (snapped in November on Portobello Road in London) for a long while, for I knew that someday soon I'd have a chance to celebrate Lilian's new book on my blog.

That day is today.  Or, I should say, the celebration begins today, for galleys of Web of Angels, Lilian's novel about, among other things, dissociative identity disorder, have just arrived on my doorstep.

All I had to do was read the first two sentences to know that I was about to enter a compelling, well-drawn world.  I'll leave you with those and return in a few days with a full report:
On a narrow street in the grey of dawn, in a row house with stained glass, a sixteen-year-old girl lay motionless.  Her hair was blone, short, gelled in spikes, her legs unshaven, her pink nightgown straining over a nine-month belly.


Lilian Nattel said...

How wonderful, Beth! And I love that photo.

Becca said...

That first sentence is a real grabber :) I'm so excited to read this!

Congratulations, Lilian!

Serena said...

Nice first sentence and photo. Happy reading

Valerie Joan said...

ok...i followed Lilian here..from her blog. Lilian is on my sewing site and every once in a while i bump into her blog. Lilian.. she set your book up and now i NEED to get it and dive into it!
Beth, I love the pic of all those sewing machines! Where oh where and can i share it with the girls on my sewing site???? (sewing gifts on time)

Jane Doe (aka Valerie)
London, Ontario, Canada

Valerie Joan said...

Beth...the more i read your blog the more i NEED to read your writings too!

Jane (aka Valerie)

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