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Friday, February 3, 2012

Today I celebrate my father's birthday (though on Sunday his surprise adventure kicks in).  I call my father Forever Young because he is—still out there sharing his business expertise, still hopping on planes to visit places as distant as Peru and (soon) Israel, still driving around rural Kentucky with his church friends, still wielding his (shall we say) particular sense of humor.

I celebrate Little Miss Eva and her beautiful family—Cristina, Jeremy, Sophie—who have received the sort of good news (a big promotion) that also results in sad goodbyes.  How I will miss watching those two little girls grow up and dancing around the floor with their mother. 

Finally, I celebrate The Year of Living Dangerously, a fabulous blog, and its artful puppeteer, Michael G-G, who is today celebrating his own favorite things—and graciously included my blog among them.  Michael would never know (indeed, who could?) that I've been feeling very blue.  His gesture of warmth in winter is so appreciated.


Michael G-G said...

Glad to bring some warmth in winter. Your own writing has warmed and inspired me again and again.

KFP said...

Happy birthday to your dad. ( :

Priya said...

A very happy birthday to your father!

Becca said...

Some happy things to celebrate - I hope they lifted your spirits :)

Serena said...

Happy Birthday to your dad...and I hope that you start feeling the warmth of the coming spring on your face and the happiness it brings with newness and beginnings.

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