Expanding my memoir collection by one essential title (and Penn today, in pictures)

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

I found myself with fifteen spare minutes today and spent the whole lot of them here, at The Last Word Bookshop on the edge of the Penn campus.  I wasn't going to leave without a purchase.  I came home with the University of Nebraska edition of All the Strange Hours: The Excavation of a Life, the Loren Eiseley memoir.

I will never complete my memoir library.  But having this Eiseley (among my many other Eiseleys) puts me at a bit more ease.

In other news, spring has sprung and my young memoirists are not just fine memoirists.  They are thoughtful critics and compassionate souls.

But you knew that.


Richard Gilbert said...

I just bought that memoir myself, Beth. Though when I will get to reading it remains to be seen! I just remembered that I'd meant to read JCO's A Widow's Story, too. I keep hearing of must-read memoirs, and they have become like novels. One can't keep up.

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