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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Analytical.  So says one of my (beloved) clients, who gave me a little personality quiz over the phone today.  After asking me five questions about myself, it was decided that I fall into the Analytical category (the other choices being Driver, Expressive, or Amiable).

The good news about being Analytical is that I am apparently organized, thorough, logical, prudent, accurate, and conscientious.  (This may well be why my clients have been with me for years and years and years; I try hard not to let a one of them down.)  I also (apparently) measure personal value by activity (as opposed to applause or attention, say), I want to save face, I avoid things when stressed, and I need details.  I also (apparently) need to become more decisive.  I don't know, though.  I'm pretty durned decisive.  And I haven't avoided anything in a really long while.  In fact, I've lately been thinking that I should start avoiding at least some things if I want to lower my stress level.

In any case, aren't you glad I shared?

In any case (number two): I am really surprised and disappointed to learn that I am not an Expressive.  Expressive people are the creative ones.  They are also the ambitious ones.  Durn again.  I suspect the Expressives win the Big Lit prizes.  I bet they ride the Best Seller lists straight into the sunset.


Melissa Sarno said...

Hmm. I shall file this under 'things that make me go hmm'.

Mandy King said...

It is scary how much it sounded like you were describing me! :)

Sarah Laurence said...

Analytic sounds better than Expressive to me. The latter tends toward TMA. In high school I took a vocational test that said I should be a Peace Corp helicopter pilot in Africa! I wouldn't pay too much attention to those tests, but you should listen to your fine analytic mind and cut down on stress.

As for prizes, you're writing prolifically, getting published and being read by people that appreciate your work. That is a prize in itself. I also recall you won an author blog award last year. Keep going but not so fast that you burn out.

Serena said...

I wonder if we don't all have analytic, expressive, etc. sides to us, but we choose to display only certain aspects to ourselves in certain situations...i.e. analytic to your clients for example because it puts the best foot forward to maintain their loyalty and business?!

Lilian Nattel said...

I don't know about personality tests, but I do know that you're creative! Extremely so. (I've been mia because of book touring and local talk, and am at the airport now waiting for a flight...reading your blog to see what's going on.)

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