Unschooled, unknown, I

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

sent my literary work out into the world two decades ago.  Would anyone listen?  Would anyone care?  I didn't know.  I needed to find out.  I waited for word.

Among those who sent word all those years ago was Susan Balee, who was the editor of a literary magazine called Northeast Corridor.  Yes, she said, to a piece I wrote.  It was one more lodging in.

Today—so many years gone by in the interim—I meet Susan down on the Penn campus.  She is an associate professor at Temple now.  I am what I am still trying to be.  We will close the gap on nearly two decades and look forward at the work that moves us today.


Serena said...

What a wonderful meeting that must have been. Thanks for sharing this with us....gives us writers all hope.

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