you should see my desk (no, don't): putting the final touches on a proposal

Saturday, March 3, 2012

In 2009, I started work on a book of nonfiction.  I wrote it all one way, but it was the wrong way, so I put it aside.  Put every last tidbit of the thing aside.  In big plastic bins, in multiple desktop files, in corners of my mind, it was gone—whoosh.  Gone.  I waited a year.  (Scars have to heal.)  And then I began again.

I now have a 50-page proposal on my desktop, along with dozens of books, hundreds of clothespinned pages, many flowery file folders, and a glass of two-day-old water.  It looks like the wind blew through.  It looks like something's cooking.  It looks like it's time to call this day an actual day.

Tomorrow I will wade in here and see what damage I have done.


kelly said...

Oh it's been too long and there is so much great stuff on your blog! And I LOVE this photo. Looking for one like it for a project I'm doing. Should have known you'd beat me to it.

KFP said...

I love these behind-the-scenes glimpses of how you work. Beth also has put-away, unfinished projects? Beth has the courage to walk away from a book, the patience to wait? I learn from such insights into your writing life, take heart from them, and am reassured by them.

FYI I have been reading you daily as always these past weeks. But my computer has been wacky and for some reason I have not been able to post responses, though there have been many times I have tried. I'm very excited about the upcoming Buzz Bissinger book, for instance. Wish I could have been in your classroom when he visited.

Let's see if this comment will go through...

KFP said...

YAY! Back in business: you on your book, me being able to respond to your blog posts.

Caroline Starr Rose said...

Your process encourages me. xo

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