She escapes to a garden, she returns to a beautiful SMALL DAMAGES blog review

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Let's just say that it's been quite a time in these parts.  I leave the house for teaching and other appointments at 10 AM, say, return at 11 PM, say, and have 20 hours of client work due by 10:30 the next morning.  I'm lousy at math, but even I know that the numbers aren't properly crunching.

But we keep on keeping on (do we have a choice?).  Today I chose to wash my exhausted face, peel my eyes open with fresh mascara, and meet a new client at an utterly atypical client-esque location, Chanticleer—that glorious garden tended by glorious gardeners.  I had my little camera with me.  I took a few furtive shots.  I was made (miraculously) alive again.

When I returned to my desk later this evening, I had an email from Philomel's Jessica Shoffel, who was forwarding a most beautiful blog review of SMALL DAMAGES.  The blog is called Book Loving Mommy. The five-star review touches my heart.  It closes with these words:
This book was written beautifully and I really didn't want it to end.  You will pick it up and become so involved and wrapped up in Kenzie's life and her relationships with Estela and Esteban.  You will feel what Kenzie feels and understand her confusion about the choice she must make.  This is definitely a book I am going to buy when it comes out in stores!
Huge thanks, then, to Jessica and Book Loving Mommy for brightening my day.

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