a video thanks, and the Small Damages jacket reveal

Sunday, April 1, 2012

The Small Damages jacket reveal and a big thank you to all of you ... all offered up in less than two minutes.

Check out the Mood T-shirt.



Serena said...

Well Have a great day! Wonderful, cupcakes and dust jackets! Wonderful combination....

Amy said...

Aw, it's lovely! And also Happy Birthday!

The1stdaughter said...

Love the jacket! And yay for cupcakes! Indulge...it's your birthday! ;o)

patti.mallett_pp said...

Thanks for sharing, Beth. The jacket is exquisite, as are you! (Your cupcake is reminding me of some frozen cornbread in the basement freezer. Yay!!)

May the coming year be blessed with sunny skies that you take the time to enjoy!!!!! *I read this earlier today in "Life's Little Handbook of Wisdom:" THE TIME TO RELAX IS WHEN THERE ISN'T TIME.


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