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Sunday, May 6, 2012

This afternoon, we took the journey back in time—to a riverfront lunch and then to our first home, 19 Burns Road, Ashburne Hills. My father bought this house in 1957 for $14,000 with help from the GI bill; he put ten percent down.  My brother and I were born here, played in a sandbox out back, waited for my father to come home from his crazy hours at the Marcus Hook plant where, as a chemical engineer, he helped thwart fires, build a catalytic converter, and manage the flares on the stacks that are depicted here, behind him, as he drove. 

Some years have gone by since then, maybe a few.  But in so many ways, he hasn't changed a bit.

The owners were in.  They let us roam around.


Janice Kephart said...

I bet the owners were thrilled to learn a little history! Dad was excited about doing that for you... I'm glad it was so fun!

David Stanton said...

Very nice story ... My Dad is also a chem-e -- has been working in industrial safety for the past 40 years or so (and keeps saying he will close up his little office, but hasn't yet). :-) Thanks for sharing your adventure and a bit of your history.

Melissa Sarno said...

Now I have My Fair Lady in my head. This is so special. What a way to roam.

Serena said...

It was nice of the owners to let you roam around.

Becca said...

Maybe you CAN go home again??

How nice to make that pilgrimage with your dad :)

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