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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

There is, in fact, a connection between this image and the few words that I will here say.

I won't hold you accountable for figuring it out.

What I want to say is this:  I am not heroic when it comes to needles and procedures and today I had, again, to face that fact.  I shake more than I should.  I go a little pale.  I need and am grateful for the advice of my friend Kelly (who told me to think about the coolest, clearest water I've ever seen).  I need and am grateful for Melissa, who is always sure of the best possible outcomes.  I need and am grateful for Wendy, who quilts me with her love and knowledge.  I need and am grateful for Tamra and Amy and Alyson and Charlene and Ruta and Jean and Mario.  I need and am grateful for the chance to laugh along with my husband who, while waiting with me at the outpatient surgical center, found a 2008 Real Simple magazine and earnestly proceeded to report on what I could wear to an upcoming wedding.  If that wedding somehow takes place in 2008.

(I think this is the only time in my married life that my husband has read aloud to me.  I took note of that.  I stopped shaking.)

But I also want to say that I need and am so grateful for the quality medical team that dispatched with their work so capably and kindly.  These were nurses in whom I confided, with whom I laughed, and who I'd actually like to see again someday. This is a doctor who quickly made room for me, and who I trust.  This is an anesthesiologist who showed up for the job today despite having 13 stitches in his thumb, thanks to a late-night run-in with a table saw.

We live in a country where too many people do not have the luxury that I had today of being cared for by the best.  I am lucky in many ways, and I know that.  I would do anything to give my experience to any who are out there in discomfort, wondering.


Missy K said...

One of the many things I've come to admire about you since discovering your blog is how generous you are with your gift of words, pouring them out over life and challenge and other souls, not only between two covers.

Wishing you a swift recovery.

Missy K

Katrina said...

Gratitude always makes quick work of healing -- so you are surely on your way. Sending hugs and love and light.

Liviania said...

I'm sure they were glad to have a way to help.

(My mom always bribed me with books so that I would submit to being poked with needles quietly.)

KFP said...

Dear Beth, I hope all is well. Glad you were well taken care of today, and that B was with you.

Serena said...

I am like you when it comes to needles and those kinds of procedures...I've even fainted after people take my blood...there is something deeply frightening about needles. But having had many hospital experiences in my life, I can see why they make me afraid.

I hope that all is well, and though I don't know the details, I know that the strength of your family, friends, and the rest of us will pull you through your current ordeal and you will come out the other side much stronger than expected.

Lilian Nattel said...

I'm glad you had the team both medical and personal. Get well quickly!

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