at Chester County Books with A.S. King, K.M. Walton, and Julia

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Thanks to Joanne Fritz for being our hostess with the mostest this afternoon at your beautiful, please-tell-us-it-will-be there-forever store.  Where else can we sit like we did and laugh long and hard, long after we stopped talking about Small Damages?  And how lucky am I that A.S. King (we'll call her Amy) and K.M. Walton (we'll call her Kate) spent this afternoon with me?

Right answer:  Extremely lucky.

And what about Julia—our teen reader?  She's something else.

I wore orange pants, just so none of us could forget this afternoon.  I know that I never will. 


Joanne Fritz said...

And you totally rocked those orange pants! Beth, you're a gem of a human being and an extremely talented writer. I only wish we'd had a bigger audience for your reading. But I'm glad you all had fun. I did too.

Oh, and I had a lovely intro speech prepared but it went right out of my head when we decided at the last minute that we really did have an event going on. Ack! Sorry.

Serena said...

Love those pants!

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